The RMIT Animation and Interactive Media Graduate Diploma is the best thing since penguins. And that's saying something. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky because during 1999/2000 I studied with the guru masters at AIM. If you are looking for a course that is demanding, challenging, fun, informative, varied, flexible, exciting, energising and exhausting all at the same time, look no further.

To get into the course you have to perform differential equations in your head, apply fractal geometry to clouds by hand and do a five ball juggle. Well, perhaps not quite, but you do have to jump through a few hoops.

Here's my application material. If you get through the first round you go in for an interview where you get to plead, cry and offer bribes, at least...that's what I did.


The test was divided into four parts:

Section A: is reasons for wanting to do the course

Section B: Visual Story Telling

Tell a story with a sequence of pictures (without words or text)

Tell the story as a comic strip style sequence using no more than 9-10 postcard-sized images. In your storyboard, use images 1-8 to develoop the story which may lead to an unexpected, amusing or surprise ending in the last 1-2 images.

The Deck Chair
Return to Sender This is the one that went in.
The Dance Lesson This one doesn't really read. It's supposed to be two people talking with a picture of parents in the background. They fight and fall into the patterns their parents taught them.

Section C: Creative writing

Task: Use the written word to either tell a short conventional narrative, explore a character, place or situation or just reflect upon one of the themes below.

The Hypochondriac

Section D: Project Proposal

Outline a short project that you would enjoy making during the course. if you wish to make an animation, include an outline of the story and the technique you would use. Also a description of the story's characters, its visual style and the way you would use sound. If you wish to create and interactive of Web based project, paying regard to your intended audience and the way they will use and interact with your project. Also indicate why you have chosen this medium as opposed to linear forms, to be the publishing medium of your production.

No set topics:

Time travel game
Family drama

Still reading?

If you made it this far and you're still reading, I'm impressed. You might want to check out my AIM scrapbook where I put work from the course. You will find my adventures into learning new things like animation, sound and 3D Studio Max.

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