Family Drama

An interactive based on a family. The family looks ok on the outside. To all appearances the husband and wife have a happy, calm existence. Their three children seem OK if not outstanding. Then you see that one of the children is torn apart by her family life. Somehow you have to get in and find out what is really going on.

The interactive structure is necessary for this process as you are the investigator trying to find out why the child is breaking down. What is it about this family that is different? Why is the child refusing to talk about it?

You begin to look into the family structure. As you scratch the surface your hands come away covered in glue and sticking plaster. You must dig through the false outer covering and get into the rotting core inside.

Sound bites, photos, filmed sequences (maybe) could all add up to a rich and deep picture of the family. To find the deep secrets you have to dig deep. The layers would be linked to the falseness / truth of each snippet and of course there are many versions of the truth.

I find interactives like Gillian Morrison's "Tricky", Melissa Heywood's "I am a singer" and Michael Buckley's "The good cook" endlessly fascinating. Getting inside people's heads, inside their lives is compelling and I know that I for one will spend hours poking and prodding an interactive to reveal its secrets.

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