I love games, particularly puzzle solving story telling computer games like Myst and role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.. I also love travel, particularly to ancient sites. This project would be aimed at people like me who love solving mysteries. In my wildest fancy it could become a series of games, each set in a different location.

The player is a traveler who is traveling around Egypt. She does something by accident to some artifact that she discovers at an ancient site and suddenly she has traveled back in time to the days when the Pharaohs ruled the land. They are captured and warned that, in this time, being different means being tortured for information and perhaps killed. With this incentive the player must work out a series of puzzles of various types to make it back to their own time.

The puzzles could revolve around language ie; hieroglyphics, lore, items, architecture and so on. Research into the ancient world could make the world educational on some level as well as atmospheric.

Sound, such as Egyptian music, strange language, sand blowing across the dunes, camels, goats etc, could provide a more realistic experience.

The puzzle solving and interactive nature of the work means that a game format is appropriate. This is a big ask for one year isn't it?

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