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Animation and Interactive Media

I completed the Animation and Interactive Media Graduate Diploma at RMIT University during 1999 and 2000.

I graduated with distinction in 2000.


Careful, it might hear you

Careful, it might hear you...

This one minute animatic film contains traditional 2D animation, 3D Studio Max animation and live action. I used Premiere to composite and tweak the material and SoundForge to create the audio.

(2016 Edit: The quality is AWFUL but the story holds up and being taken by Christ is still as satisfying. [may offend religious viewers])



My major project was completed in 2000. It is a Flash 4 interactive about three women and their lives, told through the contents of their handbags. Baggage:

  • exhibited at the RMIT First Site Gallery from the 29th May 2000
  • was shortlisted in the 2000 AIMIA awards in the category "Best Internet Practice"
  • was taken to MILIA in France in Feb 2001 by the Australian Film Commission as part of the Australian general exhibition

AIM Scrapbook (mixed lollies)

This is the web site I created during my first semester at AIM. You will find exercises on writing, animation, 3D Studio Max and more. Watch out! You will need a version four browser, some plugins and some patience.

pengy experiments


Exercises to learn Flash 4.

(2016 edit: I mastered Flash and went on to spend the next ten years or so making a living out of Flash animation and programming.)

AIM application Material used in my application for the AIM Graduate Diploma.
eye candy

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