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Careful, it might hear you...

This one minute film contains traditional 2D animation, 3D Studio Max animation and live action. I used Premiere to composite and tweak the material and SoundForge to create the audio.

It's a story about a priest, a rocking chair, some weird happenings and a blasmephous encounter.

Most of the work was completed in a six week period during which time I:

  • came up with the idea,
  • learnt the software,
  • drew the animations,
  • studied blue screen matting
  • learnt about compositing
  • recorded the voice talent
  • completed the foley
  • and put it all together

It has been tweaked and improved since then but it is still largely the same.

The full size Digital Video version is 570 Mg. I don't know too many people who have that much time and bandwidth available. Here is a tiny version designed to be (not very) accessible from the web. It's still 26 Mg so if you have the time, and you're very curious, then go ahead and have a look.

The story and all the assets are copyright 2000 me and if you even THINK about stealing them an enormous black rat with red glowing eyes and foetid breath will come and sit on your chest every night to tickle your eyebrows with its tail. Or so I'm told.

Film festivals and web content providers please contact me for an SP Betacam or VHS copy. I mean, please do. No, go on. Do.

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eye candy

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