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RMIT University International Division
I developed the international site from scratch in 1997 and maintained it until early 1999 when I left to start the AIM course. It looked kind of like this except it had a front door like Wikipedia with a world and all the options around the world. Although it's appearance has changed significantly, much of the content and structure is still mine. The new webmaster has added orange graphics to the front door and moved things around a bit. If you'd like to see how it was when I managed it, email me for a CD archive. (P.S. In 2010 it looks completely different but I'm happy to see my work lives on in the FAQS lol.)
RMIT University Orientation 1999

The site has been replaced by the the current orientation site so it's not live any more.
is how it used to look. I created both the content and the design.

My favourite page is this one of Professor David Beanland, Vice-Chancellor in 1999. It's not really his outfit - that's Jonathan underneath all that fruit. Professor Beanland was a very good sport and didn't ask for the image to be removed; apparently his wife *loved* it.

My favourite Melbourne roleplaying convention is heading for its twentieth year. The web site is now hosted at Vurt, an organisation that promotes roleplaying in Australia. This site was a Yahoo "Pick of the Day" on 11 January 2001. Yippee!

Arcanacon archive

Arcanacon websites from the dawn of time.

A student run theatre group at RMIT. I created the site and then gave it to the President to update. This is the current site (sadly Geocities is dead). Here is a copy of how it used to look. I also performed with perfoRMIT in several productions including Neuromancer.
RMIT Performit's production of Neuromancer, William Gibson's classic cyberpunk novel. I was one of the "reporters".
Virtual Moreland
Used a logo I created.
Two cats
Ewen Bell and I worked on a logo for his new company.
Old experiments

Director Experiments from the RMIT Online Multimedia Project Director subject. I was a tester in 1998.

VRML play My tiny tiny world. I've moved on to 3D Studio Max now.

AIM home page
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