He shimmered in the moonlight. The branches of the trees swished above, around and through him as he moved toward the glowing circle.

(Eery music. Weird ghosty swishing noises)

"No girly. No. Don't do that", he called.

Belinda struck a match and held it over the final candle. (closeup) The flame flickered and hissed as it caught the wick and the thick yellow candle burned bright.

"Whaddaya wanna go and do that for, eh? There's no need. I never did no-one no harm".

"You got that right," muttered Belinda From her position in the circle she was safe...probably. She raised her head and looked south. She could hear angry shouting a long way off. The cultists were coming. She had to hurry.

(Eery music becomes faster and more urgent)

The ghost's tone changed from wheedling to threatening. "I'm warning you missy. You better stop now or..." (ZAP!)

A burst of white light lashed out toward Belinda. It bounced against an invisible semi-circular barrier.

(Funny zzzttt noise of energy being deflected)

Belinda fell back with a short scream. She fell into a candle. It teetered but stayed alight. "Bugger it" said the ghost in a low growl. Scrambling to her feet she picked up the ancient pot. It's handle squeaked loudly as she hoisted the sloshing blood filled container off the ground.

(Noise of shouting getting louder - music builds)

Carefully Belinda sloshed out the blood in a complicated pattern between the the candles. She panted with the effort of carrying the heavy pot and gasped as she nearly tripped over the goat's head in the centre of the circle. Finally the pattern was finished. She set the pot down carefully, its handle dropping with a clang. (clang)

"This better work"

"It better bloody not" screamed the ghost.

He whipped around the boundary of the circle trying vainly to get past the barrier.

(Same zzzting sound every time he touches the barrier)

Belinda picked up the ancient book. It's pages rustled reassuringly as she began to chant, "Go, go, blow away, never hurt us, never stay. All you've been, what you've become, now return to mother's womb." Uncertainly at first but then louder and louder she made the chant.

As she chanted the wind began to rise. The gusts grew stronger and stronger blowing the ghost from the edge of the circle. The candles burned bright and strong and straight despite the growing gale.

(Shouting become impossibly loud, Cry's of "look" and "hurry" become discernible) (Music builds)

The wind began to distort his form. Pieces of him seemed to fly off into the night. "Why are you doing this to me, you bitch!" As he spoke his voice changed. It was getting higher and higher. He sounded like a young man. "No! I want to live. You can't do this. No-one in five hundred years has done this" His voice broke and became an ear piercing scream. The wind was blowing him to pieces. His scream became the sobbing of a small child.

(Footsteps run up to the circle)
(music reaches a crescendo and then dies away to leave only the crying)

As the wind carried the last of his smokey form away the sound of crying lingered behind him to be drowned out eventually by Belinda's deep and adult sobs. The candles flickered out and the circle faded away.

"Where are we? That's strange. Last thing I remember I was out milking Willow." "Yes, I was feeding Tiddles. What's happened love? What's wrong? Your young man left you?"

As the farmers patted her back Belinda slowly stopped crying. She stood up, dazed. "I'm not sure. Something was wrong, but I think it's ok now." The other farmers milled around looking confused. Released from the ghost's spell, they were about as threatening as bunny rabbits. She began to walk down the hill, a farmer supporting each arm. The others straggled behind bemused but safe once again.

(everything's ok now music)


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