Week 1 Research: initial ideas

Big issues that may have been resolved in fifty years

- water - , recycled water - we won't have the luxury of squeamishness

- alternatives to oil based energy - after a period of denial and scratching for oil, alternatives are taken seriously - take advantage of the other big problem, overpopulation and turn people's waste products into energy - sewage gas plants.

- alternatives to cars - seques? electric runabouts, magnetic force vehicles?, bicycles, floaters, jet packs?, scooters

- euthanasia - will there be quiet download and death centres?

- privacy - there may be none but maybe no-one will care

Things that may be big issues - totally speculative

- Death - whether to die at all - whether it's fair to the young people to live for too long?

- Augmented humanity - should it be available to everyone on public health?