Architecture Degree and Masters

So years ago I did this aptitude test and they said "You're good at mechanical, conceptual, linguistic and three dimensional spacial reasoning. Be a patent lawyer, an advertising man (sic) or an architect." I thought, "Architect". Thus followed years of full and part time study much of which was interesting, some infuriating and some just ridiculous. So here I am with all this education and no desire to work with architects really, at least not most of the ones I've met so far. However, I do have an wide array of skills of various flavours and a keen interest in science, games, graphics and the built environment.




Docklands Digital Doughnut

My Masters project. Not really serious enough for the architecture academics but I got through. It's a fantastical entertainment complex, a giant LED covered doughnut for showing films and exhibiting new media art. Update: it was ahead of its time I think. Now, walls of OLEDs are common. 

I couldn't have done it without Rory Hyde who has gone on to do great things.

Final project (low resolution PDF copy): one long enormous print & brief thesis

axo design 8 built

axo design 8 garden


Sensitive inner city infill

Mauro Baracco is a genuine human being who gives a shit about the way his design fits into the urban fabric. He also taught me how to make really concise diagrams.

This studio was about analysing existing conditions, and designing unique hidden spaces in amongst useful integrative development. I made a hidden garden up near the Vic Market.

Final project (low resolution PDF copies): site context | analysis | axo | cad | 3D

Carlton Gardens investigation: trees and people | day | dusk | night

balloons over cottesloe



Emergent design

This was a studio about overlaying emergent design theory and architecture. It didn't really work I reckon because the tutors had not the first clue about either, but I got to meet Oren Catts and his Symbioticans at UniWA and play with slimemould. Slimemould rocks!

Final project (low resolution PDF copies): research | development | design

Slimemould: fantastic slimemould, kromalginate and agar