Home with a capital H

This work was exhibited as part of the Womens' Salon: Home and Belonging at the Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, 2010.

Home with a capitol H  

Home with a capital H

It should have a preloader dammit, but it was designed to sit in a gallery and I ran right up to the wire... It is working, just give it a minute to load.



This piece is the product of the painful process of moving my elderly dad from the family farm into care.


At the same time I was moving from Brunswick to Melbourne's outer east. It led to a personal examination of what makes a place my Home rather than just a space I live in.


Family, neighbours, gardens, animals are layered through time, through houses, through sound, through making to a home with a capital H.


For my dad who sang for Dr Floyd at St Paul's Cathedral, fought in Darwin and New Guinea and then happily ran his farm for 60 years. Ian Wesley: "pretty lucky".

Binnowee hawk  

Photos, animation, video, audio by me with the exception of:

  • Blue tongue photos by Tony Flynn
  • Dad feeding sheep by Jarrod Wesley
  • Bongos 9 by Brandon Low
  • Drunk Mosquito by Bernard de la Coeur.

Warm thanks to my Lygon and Ann St neighbours, my family and my friends for their participation.

Thanks to Francesca for her helpful comments.