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performit is a student based theatre company which is committed to the promotion of performing arts on all four RMIT campuses. Although RMIT is largely a technical institution we believe that the arts can play a part in student life in addition to their academic commitments. performit members come from a wide range of disciplines including aerospace engineering, computer science, media studies and journalism.

Not confined to just one medium, performit members in the past have had experience in street theatre, puppetry, performance art, group devised performance and comedy. Our close relationship with the Student Radio Station (SRA) and RMITV has also led to the production of radio plays and short television programs.

Being a largely technical institution, performit is particularly interesting in drawing on the skills of RMIT students to integrate multimedia into our performances.

Thanks to the support of RMIT Union Arts and the Performing Arts Coordinator performit will build on the success of previous years to ensure that students get experience in all aspects of theatre production through Union Arts’ theatre workshops and by involving interested students in our many productions.

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