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RMIT Orientation Carnivale - Be a winner!

Our beloved leader, David Beanland, gets in the spirit Throw together some:
  • fruit
  • spangles, sequins and scarves
  • tanned flesh (or body paint)
  • a bucketload of attitude
  • mix it thoroughly and WEAR IT!


Be a winner darling.

Think Carmen Miranda, think Bob Downe, think about the Mardi Gras in Sydney.

A lucky person won a trip for two to the Gold Coast at Festival Day on Wednesday March 3rd thanks to STA Travel.

A lucky winner dressed up for Carnivale on TAFE Festival Day on Wednesday February 17th and won a trip for two to Sydney thanks to STA Travel.

For inspiration check out these Carnivales around the world:

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San Fransisco Carnaval pictures
San Fransisco Slide show
San Fransisco another slide show

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