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RMIT Orientation Carnivale - What's the difference?

What's the difference between the Student Union and the RMIT Union? There are people who have been here for years who don't know the answer to that question but here it is:

RMIT Student Union

The student union is an group elected by the students to protect students' rights and educational welfare, and to make life more fun by promoting social life and cultural activities. There are 37 students elected each year. Some of them receive an honorarium (money) to work for the good of students but many have unpaid positions. The money to run the student union come from the Compulsory Non-Academic Fee paid by all students.

The Student Union runs things like the Catalyst student newspaper, the RMIT Post Graduate Assocation, welfare and education, clubs and societies, student TV, student radio, and the Womyn's Department.

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RMIT Union

The RMIT Union is bigger than Texas. Staff (250 or so) are employed by the university to provide services such as food, finance, arts, legal services, dental health, the gym, sports clubs, shops, equipment hire and copy centres. They enrich student life at RMIT and are all round good guys.

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