Writing exercise:

This was a tricky one. Put together these elements:


The crate holding a small kiwi has somehow fallen near train tracks in the Russian steppes.

Signs on the crate indicate that it is from the Canadian Circus and that it holds "Rose-Marie the kiwi bird"The crate is broken on one corner and the kiwi is out of the crate, shivering, lost and hungry.

It looks for food in the snow and then moves towards the train tracks. It finds a small plant on the tracks to eat.

Meanwhile a train with a drunken Russian driver is rushing towards the kiwi. The driver is singing and is not looking where he is going.

The train arrives at the same place as the bird.

The bird sees the train too late and is just about to be squashed when a Mountie reaches down and scoops him up.

He tucks him into his jacket and they ride away, the Mountie singing "Oh Rose-Marie, I love you. I'm always dreaming of you".

The bird and the Mountie share a joyful short white in a warm Russian railway café.


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Updated by Neroli Wesley 2nd May 1999