The reason this site is not very active is that we have been learning a shitload of stuff all at the same time. Here's an animation I started working on weeks ago. I've finally turned him into an anigif.

He is an example of inbetweening between keyframes. The top of the leap is a keyframe, as is the very other end of the action. There is a small hold on the first frame in an attempt to give some anticipation to the leap. There is also a "moving hold" - something that David mentioned Disney developed. If it's good enough for Disney it's way good enough for me!




John showed us a tricky way to colour images so that you can change the colour really easily. So here's a red pengy!

And while I'm mentioning people, without Jeremy to handle the technology, none of this would have happened - what a Jem!


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Updated by Neroli Wesley 2nd May 1999