First Semester Minor Project - "The Chair"

Our first semester project took six weeks to complete. We had the choice of doing any kind of animation or interactive.

I chose to do a combination of 2d and 3d animation with lots of compositing, or layering of images over one another, to complete a finished scene. I also used live action video, that is a real actor and a video camera, to create a couple of scenes. Of course, I had heaps of help from the wonderful people at AIM.

The theme of the project for all students was "The Chair". My project is called "Careful it might hear you". There are some still photos here and if you have shockwave you can check out the first scene on the church page.

not priest
priest back view

I've now been awake for 27 hours and I'm not even sleepy. It reminds me of that quote from William Gibson about the net. "Constant adrenaline high: consensual halucination". Probably misquoting but I can't be bothered looking it up right now.


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Updated by Neroli Wesley 5th July, 1999