First Semester Assignment - Personal Ident using 3D Studio Max.

"What's an ident?", I can hear you scream into the ether. It's one of those things you see at the beginning or the end of a tv program or film. For example Working Dog has a five second ident featuring a bluey dog. Columbia Pictures has the one with the (lately much thinner) lady holding a torch with stars that zoom around and form a halo above her.

John Power (who's the 3D guru at AIM) and I went and shot some video of the Crown Casino flames. Well worth the effort as I'm using it everywhere now. Give me something to blow up. Please? Pretty please?

These are fairly big jpegs to give you an idea of what it's like. It's a little space saga, only 10 seconds long.

run like fuck
arghh another kablooey
whoa, freudian
space the final frontier
shit, what's that?
oh look, it's me!


More fun and frustration than a barrel of rotting herring. John did the surface for the space station so I can't take credit for that but lots of this is mine :-)


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Updated by Neroli Wesley 5th July, 1999