We're learning 3D Studio Max which is more complex than a room full of monkeys trying to write King Lear.

Here's my first go at trying to make a 3d object look like something it isn't.

3d gem

Hmmmm. If you're generous with your eyes you can see it's a shiny, transparent gem sitting on something flat and non-reflective. This took me pretty much a whole day to do. I don't know that it shows. I used a whole bunch of lights to try and pick up the edges of the gem. It has a sky mapped onto it for texture.

And here's what 3D Studio thinks of my name. I didn't ask it to do this. You wouldn't expect that squishy purple plasticine would be the default setting would you? But it appears to be.

squishy purple neroli

Weirdness abounds.

(A small update - I know why this happened now :-)



Updated by Neroli Wesley 18 April 1999