Monash Creative Coding via FutureLearn MOOC

I completed the first run of the new FutureLearn subject Creative Coding. This course is presented by Jon McCormack, the generative art luminary from Monash University. The course is free and offered via a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). I've been involved with creating this style of course, although not on this scale, and I've long admired Jon's work so this course was perfect. We used the programming language Processing to make generative coded art.

Blue swirls


Open Processing

The course was a rewarding experience. The course materials are fantastic and the generosity of spirit behind the course is admirable. Without some of the generous people doing the course it would have been a fairly souless lonely experience. Some of us started helping others when they were stuck. Jerome Herr started a FaceBook group and recommended OpenProcessing, a community where Processing coders share, comment and give advice. This rounded out the FutureLearn course into something really useful.



I love helping people learn. I was right chuffed to get this comment from one learner in the course:

andy gray

Hi Neroli, 
I discovered your code comments early in the course and it's saved me hours!! I've been about a week behind (still haven't finished all the exercises).I have low intermediate coding experience. I have a go at exercises, try and understand the code, have a look at your commented version then have another try. It's really helpful. 




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